Installing LaTeX

Markdown works best if combined with LaTeX to create beautiful PDF files. To do so, you'd have to install a TeX-distribution along Zettlr. Don't worry: You won't need to learn any LaTeX to use it. But you'd have to install it.

Installing the software works exactly the same as any other software: On Windows and macOS you'll need the installer package, while on Linux you can use your packet manager to install a distribution.

The recommended distributions are:

  • Windows: MikTeX
  • macOS: MacTex (Attention: It suffices to install the Basic Tex, which is much smaller than the full version)
  • Linux: TeX Live (install the texlive-base packet: sudo apt install texlive-base)

You can install LaTeX at a later time. Simply use the menu item from the Help menu to open up the overview page where you can immediately see all available distributions.