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From idea to publication in one app: Zettlr accompanies you while writing your blog post, newspaper article, term paper, thesis, or entire book.

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Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Zettlr is Free and Open Source software.

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Privacy First

Zettlr is Privacy First: There is no forced cloud-synchronization and all files stay on your computer.

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From Idea to Publication

Manage all your writing projects from one app: From the initial idea to a final publication, already typeset in the appropriate template.

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First-class Citation Support

Hook Zettlr into your reference manager to have all your sources when you need them.

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Why Zettlr?

Efficiency, Speed, and Productivity

Writing today is complex and involves many decisions. "How do I organize my notes?"; "Where should I put my to-do list items?"; "What app should I use to put it all together?"

Zettlr brings simplicity back to your writing.
Open-minded writing that adapts to your style. Fast information retrieval that finds what matters to you. Versatile exporting that enables you to adapt to whatever publication pipeline your employer or school uses.

Focus on what matters to you.

Publish, not perish.

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Voices from the Community

Joshua Braun

Associate Professor of Journalism,
University of Massachusetts Amherst

I had a hectic pandemic during which I squeezed in research wherever I could, ending up with piles of unorganized notes. Zettlr has been the indispensable tool that's helped me to get back on track. Its reference manager integration, powerful search, and the ability to create and visualize links between notes have all helped me to organize my thoughts and transform my haphazard jottings into an orderly book manuscript.

Noah Arroyo

Investigative Journalist, San Francisco

Zettlr makes everything about writing easier. The UI is simple, uncluttered. When I mark sections within a note, Zettlr uses them to build an outline for me. Quotation marks and parentheses automatically wrap text. Hotkeys give me quick access to critical functions, like comments that don't affect word counts and timestamps to mark key moments in interviews, down to the second. And within notes, I can hyperlink to other notes to connect my information and see the forest for the trees — this is essential during complex investigations.

Things That Make Zettlr Special

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Your Notes are Your Notes

Zettlr is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). This means: Your notes stay where you put them. No forced cloud synchronization, no hidden costs, and no strings attached. Additionally, Zettlr fully respects your privacy: No telemetry, no A/B testing, or any experiments. The only time Zettlr connects to the internet is to check for updates. And if you want to, you can even disable that.

There's no fineprint

Zettlr Your Reference Manager

Zettlr provides first-class support for your reference manager. Whether you use Zotero, JabRef, or Juris-M — Zettlr supports them all. Simply load your library into Zettlr, and begin to cite. Zettlr supports industry standard citations, allowing you to use one of over 9,000 different styles.

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Nobody writes in a vacuum: We are all embedded in various workflows. Our colleagues and employers use many different tools and they have differing approaches to how they want to collaborate with you. Do you work at a university where all your colleagues use Word? Do you use LanguageTool for grammar checking? Zettlr makes it easy to integrate into whatever work environment you are in.

Read how to integrate LanguageTool

Tailor Your Experience

From bare metal code to rich text: With Zettlr, you decide how much WYSIWYG you see. LaTeX math equations and Mermaid charts are rendered as well so that you can spot issues immediately. And it doesn't stop there: Zettlr lets you tweak every pixel of the app with a large amount of settings that you control and the ability to use custom CSS.

How to use Custom CSS

Submit to Journals and Conferences with One Click

If you work in STEM, most conferences require you to submit PDFs using a template. If you work in the social sciences or humanities, many journals have templates, too. Whatever your situation is: With its powerful profile system, powered by Pandoc, you can export any paper with a template in just one click. Simply create a new profile, add your template, and click export.

And if you need a quick presentation for the conference, Zettlr got you covered, too. Be it Beamer, reveal.js, or Powerpoint: With a few settings, you can create profiles for many types of presentations.

Set up Journal Submission Workflows

Automate the Boring Stuff

Not all aspects of writing are inspiring: Sometimes, we just have to use a standardized format for our notes, or we need some boilerplate code. Zettlr includes a powerful snippets system that allows you to define blueprints for files that you can quickly insert anywhere. It includes variable support, tabstopps, and many more features.

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In recent years, the centuries old technique of utilizing a Zettelkasten to organize your knowledge has seen a revival. Zettlr offers first-class support for any style of curating your own Zettelkasten.

Zettlr supports note IDs, internal Wiki-style links, related files, seamless navigation, and even a graph view. However your brain works, Zettlr is here to support you.

Learn about the Zettelkasten methodology

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Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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