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The best way to support Zettlr and en-route even receive some bonus content is to become a patron over at Patreon. You can choose any amount you wish. Either way: Your name will be shown here!

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Tier: Sponsor USD 25

Become a sponsor and be seen by all users of Zettlr in the about dialog of our app! Sponsors are for those of you who want to make sure the app grows. Sponsors' names are listed atop of this supporters list, and also in the About-dialog of the application.

Tier: Writer USD 10

As a writer, be sure of a generous mention here! This tier pledges more and therefore receives a more visible mention here.

Tier: Supporter USD 5

Supporters form the central part of our patrons! This is the default tier for those of you who want to support the app.

Tier: Multitude USD 1

The multitude of backers is what drives the support of the app. This tier is recommended for those of you who do not have much to give but still want to support the app.

Tier: Free USD 0

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