There are a lot of Markdown editors out there, so finding the right one is often a difficult choice. We have compiled here a (incomplete) comparison between the most discussed Markdown editors that are currently competing against Zettlr. We have focused on the most important features of Zettlr, so to see all of their features, please click their name to navigate to their respective websites

Zettlr Typora The Archive Bear nvALT
Website zettlr.com typora.io zettelkasten.de bear.app brettterpstra.com
Price Open Source Proprietary 19,99€ Free or 15,99€/Year (Subscription) Open Source
Zotero Integration
Citations (BibTex, JSON, et al.)
Project Support
Full Zettelkasten support
Theme Customisation
Themes 3+ 4+ 5+ 3 (Free) / 16 (Paid) 5+
Languages da, de, en-GB, en-US, fr, it, es, hu, pl, ro, jp, zh, ru, uk cz, de, en, es, gr, fr, glg, hr, ind, it, nl, hu, pl, pt-BR, pt-PT, ru, swe, vie, zh, jp, ko en en, fr, de, it, jp, ko, pt, ru, zh, es de, en, fr, it, pt, zh
Word counter
Writing Statistics
Full Text Search
Code Highlighting
Dark mode Support
Markdown Preview In-place WYSIWYG In-place WYSIWYG
Export Formats HTML, PDF, OpenDocument, Word, RTF, and 35 more HTML, PDF, Word Markdown, RTF (Free) / PDF, HTML, Word, JPG (Paid) Plain, HTML, Word, RTF
File tagging and tag management