Hello World!

Using the common "Hello World" title I welcome you on the new News-section of Zettlr's revamped homepage!

Posted in Announcements on September 06, 2018

You may have noticed that the website has profoundly changed over the course of the last week. I've created the website in the beginning of the year in a rush, because developing Zettlr and other obligations has taken a lot of time, so I wasn't able to take care of making the website nice and beautiful.

But now I finally managed to include all common things a website should normally have. Among these things are a fully functional download page that tries to guess your current operating system and offers you a download fit to your own computer. Also, I have adapted the complete design to fit into the brand colour of Zettlr, so that it's now a better experience scrolling through the site.

Another thing is this news section. I don't know how often I can use it to post guides, tutorials or other interesting stuff, but at least once per release I will use this blog to go through the notable changes of the new versions.

Until then I wish you a lot of fun using Zettlr.


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